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Originally Posted by xivera View Post
Don't even bother... Flash 9 + any Hacker edition + 770 = poor interweb experience. It's too slow. Sites like just kills my 770.
So flash 9 with 2006 is the best bet? I'm a noob too. I don't even have a clue where to begin.
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The flash player installed for me on the first try, but like many others I have no sound. Is there a solution to this?

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I bought my teenage son a Nokia 770 for Christmas and have been trying for the last three and a half months to put flash 9 on it. Last night I was finally successful. When I bought the 770, I knew nothing about it and had never even heard of linux, so this has been a "figure it out as you go along" situation. Please bear with me as I combine all of the excellent advice from this forum into one post, in hopes that those who are as new to this as I was, can follow along. BTW- I installed the 2007 hacker edition on his 770.

In order to add the flash 9, you need to have two programs installed on your machine. You gain access to the 770's operating system by installing XTerm and you gain permission to make changes in the operating sytem by installing becomeroot. These programs can be accessed by adding the following repositories to your application manager and then refreshing it:
free non-free


You then need to download the flash program itself from It will land in your documents folder, so you will need to copy and paste it into your main directory. We named my son's 770 Shea's 770. We pasted the program there and it showed up under the list of everything else in the 770 (right under the memory card).

Go to Xterm. Type cd and press return to see your directories. Type ls and press return (where l is as in lamb). Several directories will be displayed. Type cd MyDocs and press return. (Capitalization must be accurate.)

Continue to press return after each action. Type ls
You should see the mibrob program listed. Type:
mv microb_flash-4.2007.tar.gz ~
This will send the program to your main directory.

Type cd
Type ls and you should see the microb program.

Now follow computer freak's instructions with one addition, listed below:

sudo gainroot
tar xvzf microb_flash-4.2007.tar.gz -C /
rm /usr/lib/browser/plugins/
tar xvzf microb_flash-4.2007.tar.gz -C /
cd /usr/lib
ln -s (where the l in ln is as in lamb)
(That was the missing step. You must return home before typing the last two lines.)
ln -s /usr/lib/browser/plugins/ /home/user/.mozilla/plugins/
(This command was too long to fit on one line. It begins with ln -s and ends with .so)
tar xvzf microb_flash-4.2007.tar.gz -C /

It really does work and flash 9 does show up in both browsers, opera and microb!

Thank you everyone!

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So let me get this straight, you have OS2006 installed or OS2007HE?
BTW, you have a mistake in your directions. The command cd should be cd .. to move up the directory tree one directory. Without this, you get an error message. Also, the version of flash does indeed come up as version 9, but does not play youtube or hulu. It plays some flash games, but also causes some major meltdowns, requiring battery removal to reboot.
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those how-to wass quite bull**** and very confusing.
- I downloaded the tar to MMC root
- Xterm & sudo gainroot
- rm /usr/lib/browser/plugins/
- cd /user/home/MyDocs
- tar xvzf microb_flash-4.2007.tar.gz -C / says that Flash is installed.
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works for me except the sound isn't working
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I just installed Flash 9 with the instructions on the first post to 2007HE. Installation went fine and both Adobes flash test and detects Flash 9. However youtube is just garbish.
Is there anything I can do to make youtube work?

Thanks a lot for these tips!
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Use mytube.
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Why it so complicated to install flashplayer 9? There's code but where am I supposed to enter it? I am not a programmer, I know nothing about writing programmes.

Why isn't there a step by step guide for people like me who have no experience in programming?
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i m using microb browser but i do not have .mozilla inside user/home so the link does not there any other possible way to do this?

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