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Hi all. Here's the deal. I dig the N9, it's great, it's awesome.

And while it isn't the biggest deal, why do I need to have a screen that says "Nothing Open yet"?

Just like on the N900, I think the multitasking view should be hidden when an app is not open.

If I swipe down to close, it should also stay hidden, however, if I swipe away to open another app, then the multitasking view would show.

It just seems a bit unnecessary to have an empty screen like that (maybe can be used for widgets while not being used for multitasking view?)

I would like to know if this is possible, (most likely not simple) or is it so deeply ingrained into the UI that it's impossible to modify?

A nice toggle in settings to "hide when not being used/show all the time" would be lovely.

Anyone agree with me or have an idea about this?

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i like the idea

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I would also like to hide the feeds view. I am not using it at all.
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I guess if it behaved like you say (or like N900) the average blogger would say the N9 lacks multitasking, unlike Android and iPhone, which obviously have it.

Guess Nokia has to play the game as well. Or not.
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Funny, I would like the taskswitcher on the N900 to always appear, even if no applications are running.....
But the reason is that I don't like how you can't be sure if you need a single or a double click to go to the application screen, so you can't do it blind (double-click).

I am not sure the same would apply on the N9.
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There is a bug request logged in the bugtracker regarding this: You can vote for it
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I may be a lone voice here, but I like the default way of doing things. I think it's useful to know when there are no apps open, and I disagree that the current method is somehow 'against' the Harmattan UI design profile. The idea is consistency; always swiping between three home screens. If there was sometimes two, it could get confusing, and you might start 'searching' for open applications when there's none there.

The comparison with the N900 is not apt, because the process of going form widgets to open apps to app menu and back is not 'symmetric' on the N900; unlike swiping between screens on the the N9, on the N900 you can never be unsure about what's going to happen when you move between one level and the next one, and what happens (moving from widgets view direct to app menu view) tells you something about the current state of the machine (there are no apps open) whereas the analogous situation on the N9 doesn't tell you anything (since you can always move from between any two screens, by design).

However, since enough people would like it to be different from the default way, and have no open app screen when there's no open apps, I'm all for an option in settings to allow you to do that.

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