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Long press was my first idea since it is not used for anything else in the UI
Long press is unsed to lock rotation of screen, it`s very usefull in galary, if picture was taken in wrong mode.
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On the latest Webcat version? I only see an icon with short press support, am I missing something?

Did you abandon the idea of the split view Llelectronics? I was using it relatively often.
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Hi llectronics,

maybe this is already known (or I am the only one affected)?
At least I am not aware this was mentioned:
when opening webcat in portrait mode the frames are not aligned according to the site layout. This is happening to me not only.for this version but at least for the last (few) one(s), too.

If I switch to portrait everything is fine again and also for landscape. But it starts again with a new tab/window.

It is the same when started in portrait (see second screenshot). Tilting to landscape and back to portrait fixes it.


... which I cannot add as pressing 'Manage attachments' directs me to http://newattachment.php/?t=92356&po...c4f2ba6d243d21

I just used --set-default a minute before.
Is there an option --unset-default?
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Is the following the issue you are describing?

I believe this is an issue with QtWebkit.

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Yes this is a qtwebkit issue specific to SailfishOS as I need to workaround the issue that Device Pixel Ratio is set to 1.0 all the time.

Is there an option --unset-default?
It is called --reset-default
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