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Originally Posted by MartinK View Post
Wow, thanks a lot! I've used your pointers and fixed the Monav Server based offline routing on the N900. I've also released an updated tarball, so you - and anyone else who wants to help with testingt - can check it works correctly now:

As for the other issues:

Address routing - that's actually expected behavior, as Monav does only point to point routing (+ waypoints along the route, IIRC) based on geographic coordinate pairs. It does not support gecoding (turning addresses to coordinates), so it can't work for address-to-address routing when the device is offline. But of course a sensible error message should be shown in such a case, not a traceback.

Handmade routing (basically, "draw your own route" and let modRana follow it) - it indeed seems pretty broken, not just on the N900, but also when running the GTK GUI on desktop. And it looks like it has been this way for quite some time. Will have to look into it more later.
That is great, thanks a lot!

Now it is working fine for me - even better, because now user_config.conf and map_config.conf weren't overwritten (I use my own tiles located elsewhere than the stock "OpenStreetMap I" folder so at every update I had to define that location in the config files)

Hmm, now I understand - and yes, an error message would be great or maybe it would be even better if offline routing is set then user could not click on address to address navigation.

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