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Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
Oh, I thought they cleaned out android for something better. How disappointing.
It's here to stay.

What's syncevolution exactly? And maybe someone with coding knowledge could make a CardDAV plugin.

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There goes the reason I went google in the first place. Time to set up my own solution, I think.

mooha server sounds nice, it didn't play well with symbian but I don't use symbian anymore
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Isn't CardDAV the only missing piece? MfE may be the only possible solution for some people, but harmattan does IMAP IDLE, we have CalDAV as the only way to sync multiple calendars already - the only missing functionality is contacts syncing.

And if you would've used that sync for backup only, a Nokia account already does that.

So really, barring bugs in the client or server, CardDAV is the only thing we're missing out on.

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Yup come to think of it for contacts syncing Hotmail had issues with MfE (fixed now) and now Google MfE will have issues too so a Nokia account, the most berated account type, is actually the most reliable solution...

Edit: The above of course excludes setting-up your own solution which would be the theoretically best solution... Also some re-collection reminds me that Hotmail when having MfE issues it was with the Mail not with the Contacts/Calendar sync... My n900 still is able to sync contacts from Hotmail using MfE so yeah M$ are unreliable but its been a number of years and contact+calendar sync still work reliably...

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Can someone move this out of the N9/N950 thread? It is as general as it can be, so it affects the N900 (and possibly other Maemo devices) too.

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ah ****, this way i was keeping my contacts and calendar updated and backed up
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CardDAV support would be fantastic for anyone using Apple's iCloud sync as that uses CardDAV, CalDAV and IMAP. I'm using two apps on my Nexus 7 to add CalDAV and CardDAV support so with Google moving to that instead of MfE, it can only be a good thing that these open protocols are getting support.

I did raise a bug report over a year ago asking for CardDAV support but that went nowhere. I hope someone at Jolla realises the importance of these protocols.
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Sorry for being dense but will those of us using Gmail with push on our N9 be affected by Goggle dropping Exchange ActiveSync as far as the push email facility is concerned?
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Originally Posted by Kein View Post
will those of us using Gmail with push on our N9 be affected
It might if you are using "mail for exchange" for email.
But IMAP with push (imap idle) works fine on the N9.
Worst case, you may need to change method.

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My biggest concern is contacts syncing, I'll not be able to sync my contacts with my gmail account
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