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Originally Posted by dingspro View Post
Also, can someone please clarify: Will Google turn off the servers/protocol or just disable it for new users?
It seems like your existing arrangement may not be affected but if you delete the account on device, reflash etc chances are you may be affected too hence that line of thought is pretty unreliable unfortunately...

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google gets a little bit less evil with that move

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Note that CalDAV is being moved from HTTP Basic Auth (i.e. give the accounts plugin your Google login details) to a different endpoint with OAuth 2 so as far as I can tell GCal sync for us is going to break on Sept 16th unless we rustle up a new plugin*?

And this doesn't look like a job for the MeeGo outsourced PR1.4 skeleton crew, because the sync was only ever advertised as CalDAV, not explicitly GCal.

* = Is it open? Can one plug a new auth into it? Do we need a whole new thing (meaning loads of work)? Too lazy to rummage, so will just vent on a forum instead.

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i don't know if anyone is active right now here or if it is of any interest. anyway here is what i found out. i had an n9 set up with a google exchange account, i flashed it in september 2016 and i still was able to connect. charging was not easy with this device, don't know if there was a loose contact, but anyway i bought a second hand n9, set up the exchange account and it wasn't working. so i don't know how they did it, but it must be something really hardware specific. i can only think of the mac address maybe... oh i should try this out^^

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