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here is a special N-Gage Prototype device.

Anybody have seen one like that before?
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it looks like a normal ngage qd with fancy body , keypad but with menu button at the wrong place .
Sorry for my bad english
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I had the original N-Gage. It was my first smartphone. It had some stupid design decisions (difficult to remove/change the game cards, sidetalking...) and technical limitations (I think that only one program could use the internet connection at a time so opening the web browser stopped the emails from syncing) but in general it was quite a good smartphone for it's time.

And Pathway to Glory is still the best mobile game that I have played.
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Originally Posted by OVK View Post
I think that only one program could use the internet connection at a time so opening the web browser stopped the emails from syncing
The N-Gage (and all Symbian) was a truly multi-tasking OS. Yes, Web had a problem because it needed a WAP profile instead of a GPRS profile, while most other programs preferred a GPRS profile. All programs using a GPRS profile could share it.

Originally Posted by OVK View Post
Wasn't this a cool feature?

Originally Posted by OVK View Post
difficult to remove/change the game cards
there was a nice application, Hotswap, which allowed hotswapping. It needed you to break the tabs holding the card on the side, but works. I did that on mine, and it works perfectly well.

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Lol, every time I "enjoy" your supermaximised pics.
Never think abt making more quality pics, especially if device already shown to public?
Also, it's quite bad taste imho, to rip all information abt build/hwid/product code. IMEI hiding is more than enough.
Looks it's something like early B1 +- build. Here's B3.0 RH-47, that still have not final keypad layout.

Looking for Nokia Prototypes based on Symbian/Meltemi/MeeGo/Maemo/WindowsPhone. Feel Free to PM or E-Mail Me:

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What a sweet memory of great moments. I really miss the High Seizure On 1st N-Gage and Creature of the Deep on N-G 2.0. After touch screen and IAP comes phone games are no longer games...
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That's QD model? Classic ftw!! Bump...

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nokia n gage

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