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Among the many apps I've tried out since getting my N9, chro.mono and numpty refuse to display fullscreen. The status bar shows up within a second of opening, along with a grey bar that obscures the bottom of the screen (and affects usability).

The N9 is running in Open Mode with Ubi Boot, but hasn't had any other OSes installed.

Can anyone advise me on how to debug or solve this issue?
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Both run fine on mine. (also open mode and ubiboot)

Any tweaks like SystemUI (coderus) or anything from QTweak?
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Same problem here with "Numpty Physics" on my N9. A part of the screen is always missing.
I'm just using Coderus Aegis hack and the emoji fix from THP, nothing else . After a few reinstall attempts i gave up.
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Coderus' system-ui isn't installed. I have installed status menu extensions via N9QTweak, but this problem manifested itself before then. Other N9QTweaks applied include root filebox, hiding app icons, and some browser ua mods.
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I have the same problem with chro.mono. I don't have open mode or any tweaks from N9Quiktweak. I have "rotate desktop" tweak from Nokia Store which might be related.
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I also have had the same problem.

You could use
wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b add,fullscreen
And here is modified line in /usr/share/applications/numptyphysics.desktop

Exec=sh -c "invoker --single-instance --type=e /opt/numptyphysics/bin/numptyphysics & sleep 1; wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b add,fullscreen"

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Having installed wmctrl (apt-get install wmctrl), I can get Numpty Physics to display fullscreen in the y-axis, but I have to specify the window by name 'Numpty Physics' rather than ':ACTIVE:'. There's an empty black band on the right hand side of the screen, but the game is now playable. Just as well I never got around to uninstalling it.


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