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Originally Posted by tommo View Post
If you look under 'backers' on the indiegogo page , jolla bought one.
I can only guess it's a birthday present for Dave
I believe IGG takes ones email address and cuts it off starting at the @ when you're not logged in while ordering/backing.
Since I made an alias for all things Jolla on my personal domainname, that is probably me you're looking at...

And no I don't work at Jolla.

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Originally Posted by Feathers McGraw View Post
The way you separated those dots looks so wrong to me! Looks like Chen raised a whopping $127 and only had a goal of $50 I found this quite interesting - bet the differences have caused a few headaches when trading internationally!
Hi Feathers, the way I separated those digits by dots is purely intentional. In German: "Das gehört so!" ("This must be so" + "It's in no way to be changed" + "We have always done it like this" + "Why change?!? It has stood the test of time at least since the Middle Ages...!" and so on. All expressed in three words. Simply beautiful. No discussion allowed, ever.

See, I'm German and sometimes it shows... We Germans do as the Germans do. We like to have it nice + tidy, at least when it comes to big numbers. (other rules may have to be bent or worked around...) The "Punkt" (point) as we call it is to differentiate amounts in the thousands from sums below. I didn't even add the so-called "Nachkommastellen" (the 2 digits after the comma which differentiates between Euro and Eurocent amounts).

We're from The Continent so we would never use any systems from The ("British") Isles or from Turtle Island. We got our pride after all! So credit cards don't take off well with us as we have our own perfectly functioning European Direct Debit system. We would never use terms like 2k but we use 2.000 (amounts - with dot)/2000 (year - without the dot) /2Tsd (rather old-fashined but still understood) which is purrfectly clear to us.

Thx for that useful link. We Teutonics tend to get irritated if we read about a woman complaining about her small height of 5"2' - Ah what, for heaven' sake?!? 5x3 equals 15, 15x100 so 150cm i.e. 1m50 plus 2x3 equals 6 i.e. so she must be 1,56 m cute if I'm correct. I'd rather not calculate this every day, no, thanks dude! Not after I had my morning cup of ambition (coffee). For currencies, distances or time/date formats or time zones! (ConcertWindow/Patreon/YouTube live streams) we look it up in the net especially Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, British Pounds; Indian Rupees... practically everything which seems twisted to us.
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Originally Posted by ka9yhd View Post
Chen how easy or difficult would it be to make the back cover come off to replace the battery?

Samsung made a phone, a Galaxy not sure which model that had a removable rear cover for easy access to the battery.

Chen I would like to thank you for all of your work on making the tablet a reality.
The main issue is on the PCBA

If I had money to design from scratch, I will make it "removable battery friendly" and the follow up design is easy.

But now everything I can get uses built-in battery design - which solder the battery directly onto the board, which makes the difficulty I mentioned...
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dont mention the war!

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Originally Posted by indie carmayne View Post
We're from The Continent so we would never use any systems from The ("British") Isles or from Turtle Island. We got our pride after all!
You sound like a bit of a crank there, give your head a shake and let go of the hate.

PS. In case you missed it Chen's profile shows he's based in Shanghai / London. *gasp* what if that' the London based in Turtle Island? Will you cancel your order?


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