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My n810 is running Map, App v.2.2.8453, Mapv. 2008.1

The problem is I cannot enter a street name like “5th St” as the application wont allow it. However I can enter “Fifth St” as this is accepted in the street field.

The problem is in the map database, some streets are labelled as “5th St”, and some as “Fifth St” the result is I can not use the map application to find any streets labelled as “5th St” I have tried every possible way of trying to locate “5th St” but the application does not search street numbers.

If I add to Favourites it will give me the correct address like “5th St 100” but there is no way to search for the address.

I have only tested the maps for Canada and South Africa and the problem is common to both.

Pleas provide a solution or file a bug report.

Thank you,
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havent ran into it in my area (north america) but i used to live in a town where there was both a 5th St and a Fifth St ....something like one set woul run N/S and the other E/W Ill try it on mine and see what happens

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