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Hello all,

Recently my Nokia N800 has been exibiting a strange problem. When the screen 'times out', sometimes (probably aroung 50% of the time) when I bring it back on by tapping it, it will display virtical alternating black and white lines. After a couple seconds the lines fade away and they are barely visible; the device is completely unresponsive. Screen taps, button presses, don't do anything. The only thing that seems to work is holding down the power button to turn it off, and sometimes that doesn't even work so I have to pull the battery.

Otherwise, the device has been working perfectly; this only occurs after the device auto-turns off the screen.

So, today it happened again, and the power button didn't work so I pulled the battery. When I turned the device back on, I, as always, selected my boot location via bootmenu (mmc2), but before seeing the familiar Nokia blue text and the boot progress indication bar, I saw this:

Rescuing software update.
Please do not interrupt.

This text was displayed in the bottom left of the screen; I've never seen it before. After a couple minutes, the device rebooted, and booted fine.

So question 1:
Are the device lockup-after-screen-timout and this thing related, or was it just because I pulled the battery?

Do you know what is causing the lockup-after-screen-timout thingy? Has anyone gotten it before?

I think I should also tell you that I have a cloned OS on mmc2 and always boot from that (as mentioned above). I tried booting to flash but the lockup-after-screen-timout thing was still present.

Thanks for any help.

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