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I would like a program that would scan thru all the models avaiable on the database to help find the one that matches the device in question. It would work kinda like real universal remotes in search mode, but with a few improvements, kinda like this:

You first select a category (this step is optional, skiping it will use all the categories in the database)

It goes into "scanning" mode, firing up the power signal for a model and asking you if it worked (with an option to repeat), if it didn't work it goes to the next model in the list and repeat.

Now if it did work, the program narrows down the list of models to all models that have that same signal for the power button. And this is the advancement in relation to most of the real uni'motes, in this new list it will find the button that is or isn't present on the number of devices closest to half of the number of devices in the current list, and will test that button asking the user if it worked and performed the function named in the label, depending on the answer it wil discard the devices that don't match the result repeating the process untill only one device is left, and that will give you the remote for the device in question if it is present in the database.

Ideally it will keep a history of the steps so in case of a mistaken step is made or if the user for whatever reason wants to try a different path it won't be necessary to start from scratch.

ps: i think that trying to split the list the closest to half as possible would produce the quickest result most of the cases, lemme know if another approach would be better

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AFAIK the N900 only has an IR transmitter, no receiver.

Pretty sure this is a no go...

Edit: Sorry didn't properly read your post, you only mention that it requires user response...

This could be done :P
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it's really clever idea, i like it indeed and would be awesome that someone work on it.

when you finaly find the device you need the program should create a remote in qtirreco, downloading the lirc config to


and then create a properly .conf in

this .conf could be a generic (vol+,vol-,ch+,ch-,on/off and maybe 0-9 too) as you can edit it later in qtirreco
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Tvbgone works pretty much like this, but it always just sends every single shutdown command it knows.
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Yeah, TV-B-gone (or whatever way it's spellled) works like a universal remote in search mode except it isn't trying to find which model to use so it doesn't wait for the user to confirm or ask to try the next model, it shoots them all each time you trigger it.

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