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Hi, I would like to know how to use multitouch in n9 harmattan ..
Because there is not a code specifically for use in qml.
I found these:
- multitouch pointer
(but I can not use it because there isn't a code like "onClicked() or onPressed())
- multitoucharea
(but there is only for QT5.. and sdk harmattan there are only up to Qt 4.7/8)
- toucharea - qt labs
(I can not install this plugin in qt.
I build the project, I created the library with the extension '*.so' to be put in ... Qt/labs/toucharea but when I try to import it into qml 'import Qt.labs.toucharea 1.0' it do not found.. Why? )

Thanks, regards
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import Qt.Quick 1.1

PinchArea{//two finger

import Qt.labs.gestures 1.0


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