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Just tried it yesterday, no contact, checked with an ohm-meter and all 3 connections are OK.
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SO about using Gionee Battery. It seems that the voltage shown by aqua fish, is not exactly near about the original voltage of battery. ( I measured the voltage, with multimeter, while phone was in use.)

/sys/class/power_supply/bms/voltage_ocv seems to more correct than /sys/class/power_supply/battery/voltage_now. Even that one fails, but it is still nearer to the original battery voltage.

And, the shutdown voltage seems to be 2.9V. 3 times I drained my phone completely, it shutdowns at 2.9V. from 3.3V it drains to 2.9V in minutes. And it wont start until battery is charged to atleast 3..0V.

One more thing I noticed:

My phone seems to kind of suspend itself whenever I lock my screen, and it takes 10s to unlock.

In systemdatascope, I can see my phone going in C1 and C0 states which I had not seen before this and I ahve no idea why it happens.

One more thing: /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity <- writing to this file sets up what percent your phone thinks the battery is !!

PS : C1 and C0 thing may be the effect of upgrading to version 2.0.4. Previous version was 2.0.2.

Edit : That unlocking issue --- the result of a corrupted mmc(i/o error). It may have gotten corrupted due to some improper shutdown. Changing the mcc, seems to have resolved the issue.

Edit2 : C0&C1 state effect was not of upgrading. It was also the side-good-effect of mmc corruption.After removing it, it is back to 99% C2 state.

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