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Poll: Would You be Interested in a $200 North American Sailfish OS Device
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Would You be Interested in a $200 North American Sailfish OS Device

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Hello everyone, this account is new but I've been lurking around these forums for many years now. I got my start with a Nokia N9 and I fell in love with Meego. I had completely separate feelings about the outdated hardware however. When Jolla and their first phone launched it was clear what I was buying next. That amazing meego derived software mixed with realitively new hardware. And then the other shoe dropped... Europe only. No North American bands. I have been waiting and waiting to get an official device here and I'm sure I'm not alone. I know there are many good ports like the Nexus 5 one, but they all have issues. And they all lack features like proper Android support and exchange sync. Maybe finally the Xperia X will give us something close to an official device here... but even used this device is expensive for what it is. What I am proposing is a mid-range device that ships with Sailfish here in North America for $200. This would be an oem device sourced from China. I would work with Jolla to ensure it runs a big free fully liscensed Sailfish OS out of the box. What I want to know is this: Is it worth creating this phone? Am I the only one who wants this? Answer the poll and tell me if you'd buy this phone.

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