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Regarding FM onm the Xperia :
currently Sailfish 2.2.0 doesn't have a functionnal driver, according to Jolla's announcements.
(There's no /dev/...blah... showing up to play radio with).

Maybe they'll manage to activate the functionality in a future kernel.

If you absolutely rely on radio musique, but can at least get a good connection ( either Wifi or 3G/4G), consider using web radios in the meantime.

Sailfish is, in my opinion, a good solution if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and hack and tweak stuff here and there.
While at the same time you still have some access to Android and don't miss the applications that you might be needing.

Beware, the current Android compatibility has very little direct hardware access. e.g.: It can't directly drive Bluetooth devices.
So forget using an Android app that talks directly to your sport health monitor gadget.
Sailfish has some bluetooth support, so it can handle some devices (e.g.: Bluetooth speakers), which will then show as generic audio output to the android apps. You can thus still listen to musique with Spotify on your bluetooth speakers.

By the time of Sailfish 3.0, Jolla might be considering some better solution, but aren't allowed to speak about it yet.

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we could definately do with an update from Jolla on where things stand.

re: obligatory plug for XA2 Plus support - if there is no FM support in Sailfish, then it will sting less in a phone iwith no 3.5mm...

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Originally Posted by DrYak View Post
The ISP still sees your phone connected to the internet and has no clue what you're doing at all.
The laptop you're tethering too doesn't see a *modem*, it sees a network access point, like a Wifi router.
This might even save me money. Many budget wireless carriers don't explicitly support tethering, and those that do typically charge extra. If there's no way to detect a host computer (short of some heuristic test), then I could potentially change carriers or rework my bill.

Just thought of another question. Does Sailfish have any problem connecting to Ad-Hoc networks? (I know Kindle devices do.) I'll probably use JoikuSpot on my Symbian phone for a while until I'm ready to install a SIM in the Xperia.

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Yup, you definitely DO NOT need the "tethering" option from you carrier.

Indeed, on the ISP point of view all traffic is generated from smartphone. (Some time this happens to be due to a local app, some time "on the behalf of" another device that the smartphone routes. But there's only 1 single IP address ever seen, the routing handles masquerading)

Ad-Hoc : haven't tested with the Xperia X specifically.
But, back with my Jolla 1 I was in the same situation (was tethering from my HP Pre3 until I switched SIMs around), so the OS it self supports it.
Unless there's a weird bug on the Wifi chip on the Xperia X that I'm unaware of, it should work as expected.

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