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Hi !
I want to install NitDroid
But :
- Download Harmattan FIASCO image using [NaviFirm+] (in wine on Linux you can use [NaviFirmEx]), only one file, filename looks like DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin (for N950 you should extract img.bin from [here])
- Check checksums of images. DFL61[..].bin image crc32 can be found in .vpl file, in NaviFirm images list. zImage md5 at the bottom of instruction.
I don't understand this
What is FIASCO ?
I have 005 new zealand fw.
Can you explain this with more details ?

So, Its a mutliboot with android. I want it !!!

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How to change system UI on nitdroid?
I have the file for my ICS. But I always got Miss status bar and Blank (black) Background and cant apply background after replace teh Systemui.apk via R**texplore ... Any one help plis
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