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is estimated to be the most powerful single board computer worldwide. Itís an Intel-powered x86 Quad Core 64-bit Linux/Windows/Android computer with an Arduino 101-compatible module embedded on the same board. UDOO X86 addresses the needs of the average consumer that is looking for a very good, affordable media player, but also and overall speaks to developers, makers and startups who want to invent today the world of tomorrow.

Intel processor specification links:

The memory is integrated into the board and not upgradeable, additionally, the UDOO X86 Ultra comes with 8 GB, which is the limit for the Intel Braswell architecture.
Intel recently released beta drivers for Vulkan API that should offer improvements for power efficient CPU/GPU usage -
Intel also highlighted some of the advantages at last years GDC -

The Braswell range of Intel Atom and Celeron CPUs don't have Turbo Boost, and instead they use a feature called Burst Mode, where the processor is put into certain states dependent on various factors like thermals and potential power savings (race to idle - decides if it's more efficient to run briefly at peak speed and stay in a deep idle state for longer -

Apart from the CPU and RAM, there are no differentiations between the three UDOO X86 models.

PCIe x2 via a M.2 socket will be added when the $500k stretch goal is reached, so spread the word about the KS campaign
I'm currently in the very early stages of designing separate enclosure modules that plug into each other like Lego, so hopefully I will be able to drop in a module containing a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti. Though, an important thing to keep in mind is the PCIe interface is two-lanes and not sixteen! If an application uses a lot of texture memory and races through the graphics cards frame buffer, the application may experience problems.

Source and further info:

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from :
...The board is open source hardware and software...
An encouraging beginning...
Three n900s: One for stable working platform,
One for development testing Chopping Onions
One for saltwater immersion power testing resurrected ! parts scavenging

My Mods for Wonko's Advanced Clock Plugin:
ISO8601 clock mod and Momental_IST clock mod

Printing your Email with the N900

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If only they would be a GSM/3G/4G module on it!

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