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I am a N800 newbie. I would like to continue using Shadowplan which I used extensively on my old clie UX50. According to the developer tHe Shadowplan software is a Linux based IIRC -I don't know what that means.

Anyone know how this could be run on the N800?

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Looks like that is commercial software. Unless they sell a version for Nokia Tablets (maemo), you are out of luck.
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The desktop companion software was ported to Linux, but it is available binary-only for x86. The core application still is Palm only - even if you could convince the authors to hildonize and recompile the Linux desktop version for the IT (which is unlikely, as it hasn't seen an update in years and seems to be heading towards being abandonware), its usability would be significantly inferior to the handheld-optimized Palm version.

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Thanks for the good information technut and sevo. Looks like I will not be able to completely retire my UX50. I will probable keep using it for outlines (shadowplan) and schedule/appt info and use the N800 as more of my internet/entertainment device.

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Did you see the recent announcement that would let you run a Palm OS Garnet VM on your Nika tablet?

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