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N9 and N950 both have terrible WiFi reception and give many connectivity issues. Although most are software related, as it never got to be completed, I'd still say the hardware under performs as compared to other legacy devices.

I've only seen the N800 once.. but damn, that is a device that should go down in the history books.
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I have two N800's and got great use out of them. Excellent devices, but feeling underpowered now. I have moved on, and use a Playbook for day to day use. Movies, email, etc.

I still love maemo mapper though, and keep an N800 in good order just for using that on road trips.
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[QUOTE=sjgadsby;1266519]Did you break your N800's charging port?

Yes I guess I did. The charger does not seem to make contact after the tip got bent and I tried to straighten it.
Actually I think the loose connection is inside the N800 because I tried a new charger and it never did charge.

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