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Maemo Users Rejoice!!! Visit the new URL to try it out...

UPDATE: lite is now available to anyone who uses Facebook in English. (facebook lite fan page)

From facebook on TechCrunch,
We decided to roll out Facebook Lite in the U.S. to give users a simple, expedient alternative to, and hope that it will fill this need. While the majority of our user base is outside the United States, we’re always working to enhance the new user experience even in markets where is easily accessible. We have also found that people who are new to Facebook tend to be most interested in a simpler experience, focus on establishing their network of friends and communicating with them by writing on their walls, sending messages, and looking at pictures. We have introduced the Lite site with these new users in mind.

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It actually works well unlike [IMHO] x.*, m.*, etc.

It's quite clean and I like that is consolidated.

Don't forget that the full version works just dandy in Tear.

Of course, I'm trying to cut down on facebook, way too many [long-term] privacy issues, heh >_>
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Thanks for the site - it really works great on my N810. Much cleaner and nice photo view too. But it doesnt seem to fit to the width normally - a little bit wider - but main body of FB posts are viewable nicely.
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facebook lite fan page -- "You asked us to make Facebook Lite more widely available, and we're happy to help. Lite is now available to anyone who uses Facebook in English. We are working on translating Lite into other languages."
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using the latest version facebook lite on android but the notification sometimes delayed. It is very important to get realtime notification with no delay. Any ideas to fix this problem?
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Download the latest updated facebook lite version of Android, the issue of the late notification is now solved.

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