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I have not run it for a year since I did switch to FP2.

Used it for a week now and it is still a nice device. Battery hold better than FP2.

However I still decide to sell it since I got FP2 working better as daily use phone.

Interested of my Jolla1 cause you have a broken screen or want a replacement device?

* There are no big scratches on screen. I have used Lastucase wallet for it all the time. lastcase is NOT included I decided to take lastucase and use it on FP2.
* Original black OTH included
* Original box included.

Price: 60EUR + shipping(prefer DHL or postnord tracking in sweden/denmark). I am selling to EU and northern europe only.

Please use bitcoins for payment. I hate banktransfer and paypal is broken...
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Pm'd you! Thanks.
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Hi there. Is it still for sale? Thanks

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