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I received 2nd one yesterday, but haven't had time to test it, altough it looks just the same.

It might work, maybe i was not patient enough, but if so, it is really slow.
Need to test more when time to do so.
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I'm curious if anyone has succesfully used a Jolla with 2 simcards.

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Bump. I'm interested too.

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Any update on whether the phone can use 2 sims with an add on like the Magic Sim?

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I guess the latest sailfish os does support to 2 sims (the same version from intex Auqafish) so bet this could be work if do some hardware modification on jolla phone.

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I saw a dual-sim adapter for iOS, it is a BT dongle that hosts the second simcard.
There is no technical reason it wouldn't work with SFOS too. Only thing to do is to figure out the protocol used between the dongle and the device and route the authentication frames between ofono and simcard via bluetooth.

jolla dual sim

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