Poll: Have you had charging or USB problems with your N900
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Have you had charging or USB problems with your N900

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Originally Posted by elcaito View Post
Thanks TexRat. Any comments on the pictures I posted in my original post above? Where should I solder and where should a drop of epoxy? Thanks again.
For some reason I can't see the pictures. Maybe blocked by the hackathon network I'm currently on.

Someone posted a very useful how-to SOMEwhere in this thread that should help. It's a pain to find but a joy to behold.

In a nutshell, you want a tiny drop of epoxy under the bottom of the connector. Make sure the PCB and connector are clean. As for solder, you need to solder the usb contacts to the corresponding pads on the PCB. This will not be easy (I failed on one device). You'll need to mask off the PCB real estate between the pads to prevent creating a short-circuit. This is precision work not for the faint of heart.
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Good to see you here again Texrat
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i bought N900 from my friend.
after some days accidentally, the Charging port broken.
i will try to fix it. but it break with the board prints.
i checked it to mechanic but he also told me that it is not able to fix.
it is very difficult to charge it.
i want to copy of my all data i.e. photos and vdoz of my daughter.
the memory fill upto 25 GB almost.

it has also an error when i save or shoot photos:
"Memory not accessible. Unable to save content".

my Question:
1- can i use it without battery.
because when i use PC suit to copy all data, the battery will fun down during synchronized period.
2- how i can fix the memory error/or update it.


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Originally Posted by Shery878 View Post
when i use PC suit to copy all data, the battery will fun down during synchronized period
The way I read it is that you can still copy data with the USB cable, but not charge.

I do not know your exact situation so I cannot tell you exactly what to do.
With some assumptions based on your description, I would:
  1. Charge the battery outside the phone. You can use a universal charger like this. (There are hundreds of similar or better ones, this was just the first hit I found.)
  2. Get an SD card and copy your data onto it. Use the built-in File Manager. I had bad experience copying large amount of data with anything else - the watchdog timer can kick in and reboot the phone. File Manager avoids that problem. Then get the SD card out and copy your data from it using an SD card reader.
  3. OR, if copying through USB works, use USB.
  4. Whether you use an SD card or USB, I would watch the battery status and when it gets too low, stop the copying and go back to step 1.
  5. Once all the data is safely copied, format the internal memory. A long press in File Manager offers the "Format" option.
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my N900 never had any problems charging. But this changed yesterday.

The following happens:
- I plugin in the usb cable. Maemo popup says charger connected. Inside the battery simbol the green is moving upwards. The orange LED is flashing
- After four or five flash (after locking the phone) the flashing stops
- The led flashes in red in a short period and hardly noticable
- Testing different chargers and charging while connected to the PC does not work
- Somehow the battery(s) drained even more. One does not even show the short Nokia logo when plugging in (phone off). The other does an endless loop of Nokia logo going to charge then back to Nokia logo (incl. short vibrate).
- There seems to be no charging done at all.

So has my usb port finaly broke?
Or did both batteries that I own die at the same time?
What does the red flashing mean?


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It could be the BME is acting flakey, try doing the BME reset as the BME thinks it knows your capacity and might be acting wonky or has an error value.

It does NOT sound like the broken USB issue( I have had this with 2 N900s) as nothing will happen at all except maybe when you wiggle the cable right, and that only the first few times.

BME re-calibrate:
-In terminal type(dont remember if you need gainroot or sudo, I think not)
gconftool-2 -s -t int /apps/osso/status-area-applet-battery/use_design_capacity 0
Above saves lot of frustration with getting completely BS values posing as correct, when battery gauge is not calibrated (at all 0 like, lost calibration data due to battery out of device for too long and dead bupbat).

-charge to green light
-let run until battery dies(battery is now calibrated, dont rush or you will end up having to redo, last few hundred mA should be spent with backlight , CPU, and things like WiFi off)

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thx. That did the trick!
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Did you need to su?
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I always use root. I know probably not the best way. So I can not say if it works without root priviieges.

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