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1-full qt quick implementation ..
2-N9 interface input..
3-more stable Z rotation in transitions menu ..
4-battery friendly settings ( wifi adaptation )
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i just want improvements in microB and equalizer in music player.
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1. Portrait Lock with landscape mode only when keyboard is opened.
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Originally Posted by sabryhm View Post
very good idea ,
1- bigger font for contact
kind of bigger font
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Originally Posted by mmarks View Post
I have only one requirement to make my N900 the ultimate device (and to stop me having to carry both my N900 and a company iPhone).

Support provisioning in email.

Our organization allows the use of personal devices to access email/calendars etc via Lotus Traveler. Unfortinately, although this is really just an exchange protocol, it does not run on my N900 as the first thing that the server requests is that the phone supports provisioning (remote wipe etc) As the N900 doesn't support this, the connection is dropped and I am refused.

I know there were posts previously about this and one of the team that worked on the email mfe implementation stated it wouldn't appear, but can our genius members do anything?
Just to add, I'd love to see this feature in CSSU, it's the only thing stopping this being the perfect device, lol
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Possibly outside the constraints of CSSU, but I'd like to see integration of gstreamer's gapless playback ability (see in mafw-gst-renderer and thereafter in MAG's open source media player.

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Originally Posted by gregoranderson View Post
Possibly outside the constraints of CSSU, but I'd like to see integration of gstreamer's gapless playback ability (see in mafw-gst-renderer and thereafter in MAG's open source media player.
Yes please, this.
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Originally Posted by IcyMoustache View Post
So my heroes:
What are the top 5 features you think should be included in the next CSSU?
I think we should target to make the phone software completely open source. Identify what is closed source and investigate the feasibility to reverse-engineer or find a working (or need minimal tweaking) replacement. This achieves two things, making everything in the N900 open, thus giving developers free reign to mod/improve anything and everything they want and also opens up the possibilities to porting other OSes to the N900 platform which being completely open source makes it easier to port specific hardware.

Of course, it's easier said than done and I am sure many have thought of it, but I remember how the Atheroes drivers were binary only for linux distros and how the open source community slowly developed new completely open drivers using all publicly available documentation and working out the rest for themselves.

My 2 cents on this...
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portrait desktop wallpapers,
equalizer in default music player,
fixed shuffle option in music player,
playlist editing in music player,
support for audio control headsets like in other n-series,
edit mp3 metadata,
opera like virtual keyboard in portrait and landscape mode,
address typing in portrait mode in web browser,
full web support in portrait mode,
sharpness option in image editor,
soft vibration option,
touch focus in video mode,
support for flv format in 360p at least,
and flash upgrade if possible,
at least some use of front camera,
hope any of these gets accomplished..
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if you've searched enough, you couldn've find some of those features included in some apps
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