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Late due to dependencies missing in Fremantle until yesterday (python-numpy and its deps.) and The Very Old Version of scons in the Maemo SDK.
Furthered by Living In Sweden (not favored by Nokia - the Finns never really forgave us for Centuries Of Oppression we imposed on them) - got my n900 a couple of days ago from store as no retailers are selling them here yet. (yes - I know it was an SIM issue with the Evil Provider 3 (tm))
This is a straight port from Debian Squeeze - mainly changes to the build system (scons-local, debhelper, swig workaround) and small changes for Hildon compliance - Finger Friendly Menus, StackableWindows &c.
Upstream Changelog:

new color selector...

suggested pressure setting above... Still needed after ghost line fix...

The Usual Warnings (may brick your device &c.)
install gainroot
Enable the extras-devel repository
as root:
apt-get install libblas3gf liblapack3gf pymaemo-optify python-numpy

Are blas and lapack fixed in extras-devel?
(Fix broken blas and lapack for python-numpy:
as root:
cd /usr/lib/
ln -s
ln -s

Download mypaint-data and mypaint from links below:
cd /to/where/you/got/the/files/
dpkg -i mypaint-data_0.7.1-2maemo4_all.deb mypaint_0.7.1-2maemo4_armel.deb

- Somehow the pressure readings from gtk are inverted and within a very small range (0,05 to 0,250). I am not sure where this bug is (X, GTK or...)
(To look at what the pressure readings say - start mypaint from console and turn on the debug dialog)
Fortunately you can compensate for that in the new Global Pressure Settings dialog.
Bug filed:
- The lack of available non-keyboard hardware buttons on n900 (audio/zoom has to be implemented - there are some python examples scattered on the net)

Stable: Mypaint 0.7.1
Download packages:

Experimental (but very usable) Mypaint 0.8.2 packages are now in extras-devel thanks to Aapo.
enable extras-devel as described above...

as root
apt-get install mypaint mypaint-data python-support python-hildon python-osso

cd /usr/lib/
ln -s
ln -s

should do it...
Fremantle UI not feature complete yet, and maybe some small bugs. I recommend it highly though...
And as always - disable extras-devel when you are finished...

Last edited by anders_gud; 2010-05-09 at 21:06. Reason: new mypaint in extras-devel

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Thanks for the work!

It is nice to be able to quickly work on images on the N900.
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Wonderful, glad to have MyPaint back!
I volunteer for the job of "clueless users" :-)
-Tom (N900, N810, N800)

"the idea of truly having a computer in your pocket just moved a big step closer."
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Hey, thanks !! I hope it will be in Extras soon
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Good news! Just what I was waiting for
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Nice work!
Would love to see this app up and working! Thumbs up, and a big thanks!
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Grreat! Just as I was mentioning about a little program that could do this.. and this thread popped up. Keep it up!
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Well, I'm super excited about this. As the built in sketch app is nice, but bake it unnecessarily difficult to really enjoy drawing with it. But that's just IMO.

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I think you must pack it and upload it to extras-devel if you want some attention and bug submissions!

Good job!
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wow. great!.. I'll wait for this one..

mypaint, sketching

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