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Hi guys,

i have some system administrator in our company. He totally loves Apple´s products and he said, the N900 isnt very well compared to his iPhone. Well i think different, but i am not good in arguing, so could someone tell me the big advantages of the N900 compared to the iPhone 4 and also disadvantages? I know, there are some lists in the internet but never from a neutral point of view (i hope we have some people here who are neutral). He also bought the iPad and stuff and i told him that this is useless compared to any phone but well..
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The biggest downside to the iPhone is Steve Jobs. However, Steve Jobs is the biggest upside to the iPhone.

To be honest, I've bought an iPhone 4 for the missus and I have an N900. Each to their own, she has no use for the functions I can perform on my N900. Equally, I couldn't be tied to an iPhone and its restrictive nature (without jailbreaking).

You don't tend to find 'honest' and 'unbiased' opinions, certainly not on a forum such as this. Read everything you can about both on the internet and draw up 2 big lists. Strike off any similar functions and it'll leave you with the differences. Choose the most differences that suit you, there is the reason that phone is better...for you.
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i'll grab the popcorn....
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Originally Posted by jedi View Post
i'll grab the popcorn....
What type? Grab a large bucket and I'll share it. Otherwise grab me half and half - sweet/salt.

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IMHO you're on a fool's errand.
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Its not really a "which one is better" its just that the iphone and n900 do similar things in very different ways. With the N900 I am free to communicate how I please. Tether, skype over wifi or 3G, text, IM, etc. Its all right there and I can easily download even more connectivity options (multiple IM protocols, etc.) I also think the n900 notification (the way messages "fly in" on screen without halting whatever you're currently doing. That feature is the best of any phone.
There are some nice high-end admin capabilities as well. N900's multitasking is very good, though it can get choppy at times.
Also, I love that there is a ton of storage built in, 32 GB is not an option for an iphone. Also, you can't replace the battery. And you have to use iTunes when you connect an Iphone 4 to your computer... i love the mass storage mode.

The iPhone does win in presentation and overall "responsiveness" And even though its camera is similar to the n900, I believe the software produces better pictures. And the sheer variety of apps is impressive. But that comes at a cost in not being able to use the phone in certain ways without either Apple or ATT's blessing.
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You're trying to battle religion with facts. Don't even try.

With little relevance to your question, just to brighten up this thread and entertain those who brought popcorn, let me throw in some colourful graphics.

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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
but i am not good in arguing,
Then don't. What purpose would it serve anyway? It's not like you need to prove anything there.
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I hate apple. But here is my list:

1. FM transmitter
2. Ability to play streaming links like sports encoded with wmv
3. Kickstand for movies.
4. Stereo speakers.
5. Keyboard and all the games u can play with the emulator.
6. Swap batteries
7. Multiboot
8. Notifications
9. Widgets
10. Desktops highly customizable.
11. Flash for the camera
12. Play flash videos and games.
13. pay 10$ for unlimited internet
14. Draw pictures on resistive screen.
15. Overclock to more than 1 Ghz
16. Stay online by all IM services at the same time
17. UPNP media streamer is inbuilt for transferring songs/files wirelessly over the wifi
18. Jailbreak Ps3
19. Use as usb device for file transfer/ mouse/keyboard.
20. Bluetooth file transfers.
21. Video chat with skype via 3G also.
22. Full web experience.

Will let u know if i remember more
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Originally Posted by Marlon View Post
The biggest downside to the iPhone is Steve Jobs. However, Steve Jobs is the biggest upside to the iPhone.

please pass the popcorn.
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