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Originally Posted by Wikiwide View Post
Where is it located? Affects shipping costs.
Judging by the thread title, I would guess... err... Kazakhstan?
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Be careful this is one of the Chinese Refurbished "New" N900s.
The outsides are new but the circuit board is from a repaired N900, though the ones I have had are nasty dirty work.
If it works great, but both I have bought around 2012-3 quickly failed and became unflashable as the corrupted EMMC failed.
But there I have seen users here on TMO who have had good luck.

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bump, located in SF Bay Area, More specifically Fremont.

I purchased this phone from Dell back in August 2010. I have the receipt in my email if anyone is interested.

Not familiar with Chinese refurbished phone but this one has never had it's case replaced or been send for repairs. I am Electrical Engineer by day so the added Palm charging coil is something I did while I was really interested in induction based charging.

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nokia n900, selling n900

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