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Originally Posted by olf View Post
Oh, this seems to be a pretty misunderstanding:
  • Sure, "Oy", "Ltd.", "GmbH" etc. are similar legal forms in different jurisdictions.
  • "Jolla Oy" (in Tampere, Finland) and "Jolla Ltd." (Hong Kong) are different legal entities (as you also pointed out, already), but their exact relationship is unclear.

But unfortunately there seems to be no fresh information on the proportions of shares held in "Jolla Oy (FI)" and / or "Jolla Ltd. (HK)" beyond what has been discussed on TJC (see also bullet list in comment to next answer there).

I originally assumed, that your post #115 was not solely about the different names for similar legal forms in different jurisdictions.

First hand info can be found here (warning : in finnish)
Päättäjätiedot is the list of board members / decision makers.

if you want more detailed info (and have 5 € to spare) you could download the reports from the finnish chamber of commerce.

BTW on the same website there's no Jolla LTD to be found; i believe then this confirms Oy===LTD (For Finland at least, do not know about HK)
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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
The "leave Jolla alone, they are saints, our saviours, who can do nothing wrong" camp has diminished to practically zero.
At least one of those has gone off to work for Jolla in the PR department... In fact, I'd take a guess and say there are probably more of the past Jollapologists working for Jolla now than there are Jolla employees who've stuck with them through the years. I think the major turning point came around the time they lost the godhead Marc Dillon. Now all the big boys are just some extremely dull business people who don't care about any of the ideas behind Sailfish or Jolla (or being 'unlike'), they just want to make money.

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