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Can you adjust the video bitrate or is that locked down?

Presumably worst case it would require a third-party capture application, right? Although I would prefer if you could adjust it in the official one.

It gives me so many ideas though. Mounting NFS and capturing directly to my server. I already suspect I will have a go at using it as a webcam over 3G, hehehe.

All stuff I should have been able to do on the Xperia but Windows Mobile software sucks and is nearly all commercial. I wouldn't pay $15 to be able to do these things, but I would happily tinker with open-source software to do it.
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Originally Posted by manda View Post
one correction: N900 and iphone 3gs don't have same gpu.
N900 has SGX530
Iphone 3gs has SGX535
Theoretical performance != Actual performance

I'll just copy and paste (pun intended) something I wrote in another thread:

Originally Posted by c0rt3x
Although the 3GS has a superior graphics card in comparison with the N900, it's underclocked to one forth (!) of it's intented speed, due battery and overheating problems of the Iphone 3GS. This means the N900's PowerVR SGX530 is actually twice as snappy (no pun intended to Snapdragon) as the 3GS' superior SGX535 chip.

As for raw numbers, the N900's graphics card works up to 14MPolys/s, while the 3GS is theoretically supposed to be able to reach 28MPolys/s, but as described above, is underclocked to only 7MPolys/s, which makes it somewhat inferior.

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