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Hi all,

I'm the author of AirSail Transfer.

Today I announce the limited public release of my new application, SailSync ownCloud.

SailSync ownCloud is an ownCloud (and NextCloud) synchronisation client that makes use of the official ownCloud synchronisation tool (`owncloudcmd`).

I've tested the application using my Nextcloud server and personal data, and I'm confident enough to release the application to a smaller public audience for further testing, before releasing it on OpenRepos (and to the wider SailfishOS community).


SailSync ownCloud is an application for synchronising files between your SailfishOS mobile device, and your ownCloud (or NextCloud) server instance.

SailSync ownCloud project website.

  • Uses official `owncloudcmd` (ownCloud synchronisation command line tool) to synchronise files
  • Directory-level granularity over which local directories and remote ownCloud directories you wish to synchronise
  • Manually trigger a synchronisation between a local and remote directory
  • Manually trigger synchronisation of all configured sets of local and remote directories
  • Tested with NextCloud server v13



For the time being, until the application has seen more testing, you can download the SailSync ownCloud RPM from my Nextcloud server (ARM only. I will release x86 packages on OpenRepos).

In the near future I aim to release the application to the wider community by releasing the software on OpenRepos.


SailSync ownCloud is Free and Open-source Software licensed under the terms of the zlib License.

The SailSync ownCloud source code can be found in the SailSync ownCloud git repository.

Bug reports and feedback

Please submit bug reports and feedback via email. My email address can be found on the right-hand side of the
SailSync ownCloud project website.

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thanks for your work on making it easier to sync files from a nextcloud instance with your sailfish device!
personally i would find it useful to have an app / deamon automatically uploading (but not syncing) files to a nextcloud server. particularly i would want to upload my photos automatically to a folder on a nextcloud server, and automatically stored in subfolder according to date taken. this is something the android nextcloud client does, but it does not work reliably on sailfishos.

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There is already an app called GhostCloud which can backup automatically your photos. There is also a setting, that the backup only happens when you are connected to a Wlan Network. Very useful in my opinion maybe @6uvNPR could add that to his application as well?

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Hello 6uvNPR,

unfortunately, no path to Nextcloud can be specified in the input line for the server URL. I have now added it for me in line 297 of the file:



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Would be awesome to have this work on the n900. But from what I understand it's the kernel and bits that won't support it.

Thanks for supporting both nextcloud and sailfish with your dev skills.


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