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I have OpenVPN installed on my N810, Macbook Pro and Linux box.

On all three it works when connected to Wifi.

When connected to a 3G phone over Bluetooth it works as well (the browser shows another external IP address and 'ifconfig' shows an extra 'tun0' virtual network device).
So far so good.

But with 3G, the N810 browser shows the 3G provider's ip address while the Mac or Linux box do not.

Is there a special configuraion setting for connecting over 3G ?

And a second question: how can I save username and passoord ?
Nokia N810 FW version 5.2008.43-7
iPad 2 (iOS 4.3.2) Macbook Pro (10.6.6)
Nokia 5800 phone FW 62.0.0125

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