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Wifi gets disconnected when the cover is on. So internet radio/shoutcast will stop. Mp3s located on the device or MMC cards seem to continue playing even with cover on.
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Well...I'm reporting another problem I had after the update. My newsreader would not open up even though it said it was loading. It just did nothing after that...and I experience that with the audio player also.

Someone mentioned that the mp3 plays now even the cover on. Mine always played mp3 that was on the memory card. It just doesn't play streaming audio when the cover is on which is understandable because it goes into standy mode...this disable the display and wifi to save battery...programs should still run in the background.
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the RSS feeder still sometime leaves behind a process and an icon in the dock.

I really hope that gets taken care of! as it takes a reboot to get rid of the stuck icon. Anyone else notice this?
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Does anyone know if there are command line switches to allow the Windows Software Update Wizard to set the 770 into R&D mode? Can a frontend be made for flasher.dll that allows you to easily set the bit on the 700 for R&D mode?

I snooped through the DLL, but i did not see any functions that might allow this...
_Boot@4 0x100013e0 0x000013e0 1 (0x1) flasher.dll
_DetectDevice@8 0x10001000 0x00001000 2 (0x2) flasher.dll
_FlashBootFiles@16 0x100010b0 0x000010b0 3 (0x3) flasher.dll
_FlashInitFilesystem@8 0x10001280 0x00001280 4 (0x4) flasher.dll
_FlashKernel@8 0x100011d0 0x000011d0 5 (0x5) flasher.dll
_FlashOperatingSystem@8 0x10001060 0x00001060 6 (0x6) flasher.dll
_FlashRootFilesystem@8 0x10001330 0x00001330 7 (0x7) flasher.dll
_GetLastErrorCode@0 0x10001450 0x00001450 8 (0x8) flasher.dll
_GetLastErrorMessage@8 0x10001460 0x00001460 9 (0x9) flasher.dll
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With the new upgradeI still have problems with the email deciding to stop working. I think maybe something to do with the scheduler which never seemed to work right for me anyway. The only way to get it to work again is to do a restore from a backup.

I don't think it is anything to do with the upgrade but I am getting better at the hwr. Figuring out the dash at the end of the line where you enter text means you can start entering back at the beginning was a bit of a revelation for me. Obvious really. I wish it was more tuneable though. The line (for descending letters) I find is too far down if you are writing big which seems to help. And I wish there was an indication on screen showing where the limit is for if you will get a space or not. Maybe a line after the last char typed. If to the left it adds to the prodeeding word and to the right you get a space. As a long time Palm user I often find myself doing Grafitti by mistake! The faster I go the less well it works but that is because my printing gets too messy.

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I had no problems with my e-mail client before I upgraded. Now I often need to restart the device in order to get the e-mail client to start. It tries to start for a while and dies. Sad.

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My nokia have totally rebooted several times now since I upgraded to 3.2005.51-13. Other times the applications web browser and newsreader would not launch. I have to shut down and power it back up to get it working. I hope they resolve this and put out another update soon. Cause its getting annoying.
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The Wizard cannot see the compressed folder the 51 update is in. Am I supposed to UnZip the folder or what? How can I get the Wizard to see. The Wiz is looking for a .bin file, but can't see the compressed folder the bin file is in!
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Originally Posted by Mike Cane
Am I supposed to UnZip the folder or what?

I had a few problems with the update myself, it seems as if the update messed up my connection settings. After I updated and reinstalled the backuped files and settings I could first connect to the net through my router just fine like before, but a bit later I couldn't connect at all. I had to setup a new connection and it worked again.
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Thanks! Updated smoothly.

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