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A system operator is needed to assist the community with the migration, and assume general sys-op responsibility under Hildon Foundation. is slowly but steadily coming into our hands. While this is very good news, it also puts a heavy workload on us, in various ways. One of these areas where we need help is systems administration. Unfortunately none of us in the Community Council and Board of Directors have either the time or (most importantly) the knowledge to supervise the systems operation of

As it is now the infrastructure is comprised of about 8-10 Linux Virtual Machines and we are still in discussion as to where those machines will live on, and in what exact architecture. There are efficency, scalability, portability and financial considerations that affect the architecture of the final system.

If you have the experience, would like to help us shape the future of, and don't mind putting a sizeable part of your free time and energy into good use, please send us an email at


  • Experience in Linux, Virtualization, Web Servers and databases
  • Experience with large servers with thousands of concurrent users and constant DDoS attacks
  • Willingness to be generally available if something on the infrastructure needs attention. We all have our day jobs and other obligations IRL so we understand that generally available does not mean 24/7, but a certain degree of reachability and activity on the social life (either on IRC, tmo or ML) is required
  • The general sys-op will be responsible for supervising the general infrastructure and delegate work and responsibilities to sub-admins of specific assets
  • S/he will be responsible for the well being of the actual (non-virtualised) system where the VM's will be living

Link: Original article.

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Politely bumping this thread. Please ask your sysadmin friends too. We're in urgent need of someone atleast for the migration, even if s/he is not going to be available later.
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I think you might have a problem here

Being responsible for a directly-connected system with large user base is not an easy job, it's hard, man, it's a full time job.

The people qualified to do so already have day jobs.

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Originally Posted by qwazix View Post
We're in urgent need of someone atleast for the migration, even if s/he is not going to be available later.
I'm up for that, what needs to be done?

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I'd like to help. Let me know the details.

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Please contact with Council by email to or contact Joerg_tw (DocScrutinizer05/DocScrutinizer51) at IRC #maemo-meeting or #maemo.

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