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You need to mount the nitdroid system to /and for the package system to find the different places the files were copied to during install process.
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I already installed the Nitdroid 2.3 and the unique problem to me is the battery sensor that is not working correctly. My cell phone is flashing a red led and this means that the system was not capable to get the battery level from sensors.

Does exists a correction for Nitdroid 2.3.4?
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man can u help me ! the phone doesnt show any signal any the wireless turn off every about 1 minute and i cant enter the market ..
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i flash my phone with 20 GB 8GB image so where`s instructions for menual installation N12_UMay ?
and if any stable version updated after 2.3.4 so please tell me instructions about new version
need mods for a dead F O R U Mpm me if you can help
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