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I'm trying to flash my N900 with Ubuntu running inside Virtualbox, host OS being Windows 7. Virtualbox / flasher isn't detecting the N900, since Win 7 doesn't find any drivers for N900 in Update mode (at least it tries to find drivers for it, I'm not sure if its relevant).

Anyone know any tricks to make the flashing in Virtualbox possible?
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dont know if you solved this, but here's howto do it;

1. Setup a USB-filter with ONLY the 0421 (important to use only since the update mode changes product ID)
2. Start your VM
3. Start flasher and wait...
3. Connect the phone and hooray

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I had the same issue with 64-bit Windows 7 and VirtualBox some days ago.
This workaround from the wiki installed the right driver:

Issues with 64-bit Windows and Workarounds

According to this post, Windows driver signing can cause problems. You either need to turn on the loading of unsigned drivers or boot your computer to whole another OS. There are a few workarounds:
[edit] Workaround for "no suitable device found" problem on Windows 7 x64

Once this message appears, run inf-wizard.exe from libusb-win32 package and create an inf file for "N900 (PC Suite Mode)" and install this inf driver. Then go to Device Manager and update the driver for N900 Phone Parent and the flasher should spring to life...

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