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I have done a bunch of searches, but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. If i missed a thread, my appologizes for the redundant post.

I just recently bought an n800 and am having a hard time getting it to play videos. Here is a brief history:

-received unit with OS 2007 on it, so i installed the PC application "Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard" and allowed it to install and upgrade my unit to "OS2008 version 2.2007.50-2".

-after upgrading to 2008, i installed serveral popular applications (canola2 beta, mplayer, skype, [attempted gizmo but it failed], and a few others - i'll try to remember more if someone thinks it's important).

-neither canola2, mplayer, or media player would play my divx files without lag/choppiness, so I downloaded "Internet Tablet Video Converter 0.24" to convert my videos so they would play back better on my unit

-after converting a wide variety of videos using that software, I tried playing my converted clips in the 3 media player apps I had. playing them in media player, i experienced the error in the subject of this thread ("Unable to perform operation. Try again."). This error would come up quite frequently in videos AND mp3 files. Tryign to play the converted files in Canola2 or mplayer was impossible - 90 percent WORSE than the uncoverted divx files.

-doing some searching on these forums i thought perhaps skype was interphering with media player (even though i hand't tried skype since i first installed it, and the n800 had been restarted several times since).

-so i wiped the unit by relaunching the nokia update wizard and allowing it to reflash my system. after this complete wipe, all my applications were gone and i had a fresh OS again

-without installing ANYTHING, i went right into media player to try to play my clips again. even with this bare fresh restart, i still get a lot of "Unable to perform operation. Try again." using media player.

So my questions are this:

1) what is causing this error in media player and how do i fix it?

2) after converting videos using "Internet Tablet Video Converter 0.24" should I be able to play my videos in canola/mplayer etc or is that converter ONLY suited for watching videos using the included "media player" application?

3) is there a better way? Should I be using some other conversion software combined with another application?

Sorry for this long winded post - I just want to be as clear as possible to hopefully find a solution!

Thanks to anyone who can offer assistance!

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Simple, don't use "Media Player." Only use Mplayer; it is the best media player and plays almost everything I have thrown at it. It is the best bar none. I even can play divx DVD quality 700mb rips of movies. Without converting them, Mplayer plays them okay; there may be a small bit of choppiness, but that is too be expected because I did not convert them at all and they were dvd quality. IMHO, forget about canola or whatever and just use Mplayer.

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Hi there all, I found this post while I was creating the new one. Since few days Im haveing problems with built in Media player with unable to perform the operation, looks like this:

The strange thing is, I click "PLAY" and media player starts to play a song but shows the Unable to perform. Doesn't update media collection and so. Can just play and show error info, that is the simplicity I need, eeek.

XMMS looks like good alternative but I would like my media player to be healthy even if I don't use it.

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Ok, maybe simply removing media player configs will help? Can somebody tell me where they are? Can't find them in /home/user.

Also, is there a way to simply rebuild media player library like in n900? Maybe this will help?

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looking at your posts here...
xmms is indeed one of my players of choice...
few players can handle 1000-10000 song playlists...
xmms does it well...
of course there is the minimalist player that i enjoy a while since I used it ...gotta think...give me a few to recall it..

media player does bonk out ...
especially if it is interrupted during it's directory scanning...
(primary reason I avoid media player and any other players that do auto directory scanning...pick any old reason you like and that is probably good enough...or....just for the reason stated below)
in fact you will find that if you have diablo turbo installed and all the bells and whistles...
you can disable the media scan...with a click of a button..
which I heartily suggest...
since the auto directory scanning does drain significantly the battery...
very significantly...

I do enjoy the old skool look and feel of the media player....
but only use it now and then out of nostalgia...
since there are better players for the n8x0...
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Everything you need tightly explained in layman's terms an easy to understand format.. and a video walkthrough to boot.
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