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Originally Posted by mariusmssj View Post
Sorry but this one doesn't look original:


im looking for a magenta one, update us on the quality once you get it.

check this out
you can disassemble to the bare case

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This guy is shipping also
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Originally Posted by B3Punch3D View Post
This guy is shipping also
Seems like i'll be getting this one!

And yeah sure i will let you know how the quality is like on it and proper feedback on how hard the whole replacement was
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I replaced mine and the process was simple, if you have some skill with the screwdriver and have some patience. Get a proper T5, not one of those multitools. Some of the screws where a bit stuck in, not glued tho...

I also has some trouble with the side buttons ribbon. It did not exactly match, just by one mm... My phone is Finnish and i guess the case is Chinese... maybe there were slightly different specs.

I bought mine from goto736, they have all colours. They also ship tools. The T5 they send me was slightly bigger but it turned out useful for those stubborn screws (since i destroyed a bit the crew).

Good luck

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The screws in the N9 are Torx+ (also called IP) if you have an IP4 and IP5 screwdriver you will not strip any threads. If you use tools from eBay you will strip threads.

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I also replaced my recently due to cracked case.
I got mine from this seller and was satisfied with the item condition.

The process was fairly straightforward like others mentioned. The trickiest parts for me are to remove the battery connector and the front-facing camera. I had to yank pretty hard to get the connector detached, harder than what the youtube video shown. Same for the FFC, I was really afraid of tearing the ribbon cable off while squeezing my slot screwdriver (plastic-wrapped of course) underneath the module. Turned out the cable expanded to cover the whole underside of the FFC board so the chance of damaging the board or the cable was practically zero.

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@ nbedford

Thank you for sharing your experiences, really appreciate it!!!

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Returning this thread from the dead... I'm looking for a new case, preferably white, to be shipped to Sweden. I sort of want an original, but at this point i might have to buy a whole white N9 to get that, and it seams a bit excessive. Mine has, for what ever reason partly broken the tabs that lock the SIM card holder in place, so it's poking out at the side where the USB lid lays on it, causing it to "catch" on my leather protective case. So replacing it is a must. If i cant find an original i will have to resort to a third party one, but...

Anyone know of a source? In all honesty it's more important that it's an original, then that it's white... (It's currently black, so, i just thought i'd make an update, to have people ask if i got a new phone, so i could look smug and tell them no.)

Thank you all for your time and effort.

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I have a spare white one but the volume down button doesn't work - it came with a damaged connector. It's in good shape, I've used it for like two months. Oh, and I do not have any spare white simcard trays and usb covers to include. PM me if you're interested.

Edit. Forgot to mention, it's original.
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Could do an immaculate original black one or could provide white SIM tray and USB if you get white one from szymeczek34 above. If you wanted spare M1.4 x3.8 screws for re-assembly a number of those available also.

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