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I must say, with those sort of issues, I'd suggest reflashing both the firmware and eMMC.
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I did the upgrade through NSU. Everything went fine but when I click on the Ovi store button, I keep getting the "Upgrade your phone" page.

Is Ovi Store available for all countries, or have I missed some configuration?
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AFAIK, it should be available for all countries. The usual reason for getting an error accessing the store is a problem with the user agent reported by the browser. If you're using the "hide user agent" package, then you'll need to disable that.
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I had the same problem. I Reinstalled and then uninstalled user agent changer. After that I could access OVIstore again.
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I got this issue when I fiddled with my user agent, try downloading hide user agent, and using it to remove customization. The customized user agent setting persists through flashes if you don't flash the emmc.

And from the previous page, i'd just use:

rm -r .mozilla

it will remove all of your browser settings.
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If you have the HIDE USER AGENT application installed check its off. It can be located in settings within the connectivity area. Go into it and hit the remove button.

I had probs accessing Ovi store for weeks until switching hide user agent off then acess was no problem.
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