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Originally Posted by mscion View Post
Any thoughts on the Droid 3? It has many, what appears to be, nice features. It has twice the RAM of N900 but half that of N9 or Mytouch 4G. Is that sufficient for most media? It lacks LTE. I have never used android and many people do not like android on these threads but for buisness/consumer it might be fine. Do not know if something like easy debian would ever work on such phone which would be a tough for me. Anyways, trying to keep my options open.
Definitely the Motorola Milestone/Droid 3 is an awesome device.
Its essentially the Atrix with a keyboard.
Only down side is that from what I've read, the Atrix with a 1930Mha battery still does not seem to have as good battery life as it should.
Since the Droid 3 is essentially the same dual core but with a smaller 1500Mha battery, its only going to be worse in that category.

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Originally Posted by jaimex2 View Post
Keep in mind that with the Milestone 2 ( and most of Motorola phones until Q3 this year ) the bootloaders are heavily locked so installing Cynogen ( a ROM that makes Android phones reach their potential ) will be a problem.

Double check your Android phone can be flashed with custom ROMs before buying.
Not too fussed about installing custom ROMs, don't need to tinker that much, so I got the Milestone 2 from for $380AU including shipping. Only took 4 business days to arrive from HK.

I must say an excellent and fast phone.
Having the 8GB onboard means Im free to install so many apps without having to move them to the SD card.

Advantages over N900:
1. Battery life about 20% better than N900.
2. Flash 10.
3. Voice dialing, which I really need when in the car.
4. Lots of 3D games.
5. Thinner and lighter.
6. Slightly bigger screen at 3.7".

Disadvantages over N900:
1. No real built in task switcher, other than pressing the icon you run the app with originally, or go into a task switcher app.
2. No native hardware divx/xvid video support, must be added via an app with software acceleration, but seems to work ok.

Very happy with it.
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Next best thing to an N900??

OS: Android (w/o locked bootloader, rootable, community support)
Features: Slide out qwerty, standard ports etc
Performance: >400MB RAM, >500MHz (A8)

Here is the list of all Android slide-qwerty phone contenders arranged from best->worst according to my insight:
(choice depends on your gsm/cdma frequency, language and budget).
1) Motorola Droid 3 / Milestone 3 (locked --unlocked via future update)
2) Samsung EPIC 4G
3) HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2
4) HTC Evo Shift 4G
5) Droid (original OG)
6) Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
7) Milestone 2 (locked)
8) Droid2/WE (locked)
9) Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (locked)
10) Sidekick 4G by T-Mobile & Samsung
11) Cliq2 (locked)
12) Milestone (locked, but custom ROMs available)
13) LG Optimus Q
14) MyTouch 3G Slide
15) LG Ally / LG Axis / LG Apex / LG Aloha

-------vv beyond here, not worth it:
16) Samsung Transform
17) Xperia X10 mini PRO (locked--recently bypassed!)
18) Motorola CLIQ / DEXT (CM7 2.3.4 + Overclock to 770MHz!)
19) Samsung Galaxy PRO
20) LG KH5200 Andro-1
21) Samsung Moment II / Samsung Intercept
22) Samsung Galaxy Indulge
23) Samsung Moment / Samsung Acclaim
24) The first consumer-Android device
HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1
25) LG GW620

Choose one of these fellas, Or wait for a dualcore Cortex A9 to debut, Or wait for HPalm WebOS phones (if you're into portrait sliders). Don't forget the Thanks button

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just a note about Droid 3 "future" unlock....

... do NOT assume this is the case - until the unlock is actually released, as it seems this unlock update is not certain or vague.

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Desire Z was greatly reduced in price recently. for 300 usd/eur its quite nice if u can live with android.
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Originally Posted by Maruzko View Post
Definitely the Motorola Milestone/Droid 3 is an awesome device.
Its essentially the Atrix with a keyboard.

very similar specs. slightly better camera, omap vs tegra2.

I know some people don't think unlocked/unrootable doesn't matter but just ask the people who bought the XT720 whether they care about being stuck with android2.1 with no recourse. Also, even if you never root it, if you want to sell it before its completely obsolete, being rootable will make it more valuable.
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The Tegra2's gpu is about two times faster* than the SGX535, which means the OMAP44's is actually better because the SGX540 is better than Nvidia's GeForce-ULP.

Here the Atrix vs Droid3:Viddler
The Atrix gets roughly 54fps, whereas the Droid3 is bottlenecked at 59fps for the screen refresh rate on Neocore.

On Quadrant, both the Atrix and Droid3 gets ~2500. But I know Nvidia rushed Tegra2 to market, and I know TI is a quality brand, so I think the I/O rates would be higher (most probably) on the OMAP SoCks which would give them another advantage.

So the T20 needs to be slightly overclocked to match the 4430, or pushed much harder to match the 4440, which we know usually costs battery life :\

THIS is a good read

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so after all this what is the best outcome. as im looking ot upgrade . the droid 3 seems the best so far. but if i got that now is something just waitying around the corner thats worth the few months wate? till may be september.
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OMAP its best battery save SoC.
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Samsung must've taken those copycat accusations seriously.

bada blows, bada rox

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