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Originally Posted by Xawotihs View Post
So, now when Wagic starts, it will try to check if there is a resource package update by connecting to internet if the network is available. Unfortunately because of Qt, network is systematically signaled as available, so if you're offline, the N900 will ask you to connect to something, just cancel it and it will work completely offline.
Is it possible to disable this in some config file? I have my N900 set to autoconnect whenever it needs to go online, since the normal use case is i'm opening the browser or e-mail client or whatever.

But with wagic I don't want it to connect, especially because in a place with bad internet connection (public transportation...) the startup will be delayed.

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Hi Xawotihs, finally I had time to test the Wagic 0.18.6 version on N900 Maemo 5

-when casting mana of a single color option I get presented with 2 options:

Like this
1) Red mana
2) Red mana
3) Cancel

Is this bug known?

-the miniature images on cards in hand and on table are not visible.
The lacking of that leaves me longing for previous versions.

Is it normal?

Thanks for your feedback and continuing support for this greatest of games on our great OS
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Time for some necro-threading (or thread-necroing, whatever):

After installing wagic (from Fremantle repos), it tries to download data from internet. Upon (successful) download, wagic segfaults:

~ $ leafpad /usr/share/applications/hildon/wagic.desktop
~ $ /opt/wagic/bin/wagic
Found SGX/MBX driver, enabling FullClearOnEveryFrame 
Found v1.3 driver, enabling brokenFBOReadBack 
Segmentation fault
Any ideas? I would really like to try this game on N900.

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I love necrothreading...keep it coming. Would like to try it too if someone knows the answer.
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Dear Fellow Necromancers,

The answer is to update to 0.18.6maemo1, which I have uploaded with original maintainer's blessing to extras-devel. It contains a fix for the crash at startup and changes the temporary download directory to be the same as the main data directory (~/MyDocs/.Wagic/), bacause a 30-40 MB file in /var/tmp/ is not a good idea considering the limited space on rootfs.

P.S. Do not let the graphics immediately disappoint you -- card images can be downloaded separately (for example here:
My Thumb mini-repository:

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