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Originally Posted by DrYak View Post
(Note: Carl Zeiss lens on the camera s - Niiice!)
Not sure this really means anything to be honest. Since compact cameras have become widespread, and even more since the smartphone era, I believe that many "portable" cameras/lenses have been branded as Zeiss and as far as I know it did not necessarily mean that they benefited the quality level and control the brand built its fame on, let alone be manufactured by Zeiss themselves. I always thought these were just labels, like "Endorsed by Zeiss themselves, buy it!" rather than any real I guarantee, but it's still better than nothing as Zeiss wouldn't risk its reputation by putting their name on the worst cameras I suppose.

Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not sure at all (Chen, maybe you have experience with this?). Sorry for the misinformation if I am.

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Originally Posted by DrYak View Post
(Note: Heat-pipe cooled ?! WTF, Nokia ?!)

(Note: Carl Zeiss lens on the camera s - Niiice!)

Well given that the *phone-making* part of Nokia is what Microsoft brought (and subsequently rebranded), and this phone is made by *the remaining* part of Nokia (once enough time has passed for them to regain the right on Nokia branded phone),
and given that Jolla (and SFOS) is what was left of the former Nokia R&D branch working on maemo/meego phones and tablets,
Yes, your phone is *litteraly* more "Nokia" than this Nokia.
Nokia used to be different and beautiful.

Now they are just the same and ugly.

The ID of the device IMO... Very ugly. And those 2 Android buttons printed on the bottom... No scene of industrial design.

Zeiss camera is more of a label now, AFAIK HMD does not have any R&D on camera, they are buying standard modules like we do. Perhaps put more SW effort then just put the Zeiss label on it for branding.

So "Zeiss" label on a "Nokia" phone, "Nokia" label on some ugly hardware from unknown source. The only remaining value is those two brand labels and nothing else.

And world doesn't need another Android phone...
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because the

Originally Posted by chenliangchen View Post
world doesn't need another Android phone.
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I have seen that "Zeiss" label on so many crap products that I have started seeing it as a "generic term".

Shame, really.
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Nowadays it is quite common that phones, laptops and such stuff have parts like camera (or just lens), speakers etc branded by another company. A company which is specialized to create those parts. There is those Carl Zeiss optics in phones, and Bang&Olufsen laptop speakers for example.

In theory, it is of course awesome that a company gives the job for another company which has more experience in making those parts. But, even Bang&Olufsen can't squeeze a complete 9.2 hifi system inside a laptop. Even Carl Zeiss can't squeeze a 10-200mm zoom lens with F1.4 for full zoom length inside a phone. All they can do is to fill the space with something very small, which actually has nothing to do with their regular products -which they are know of. Their regular products couldn't fit to the budget also. So the only difference in final product is the name of Carl Zeiss or B&O branded on top.

I have a whitewater kayak made by a company called Liquidlogic. the handles in the kayak are branded by Black Diamond, a company which has specialized to climbing gear. Sounds awesome, but brings no extra advantage to the kayak

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