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Update: Version 2.8 is out now.

This brings plenty of new features and bugfixes.
Biggest change is an UI change regarding the tabbar. Instead of horizontal list it now uses a scrollable vertical list which gives a better overview of the opened tabs.
The new design makes it possible to hide some convenient features like filemanager, backupmanager, video player and more in a dropdown menu.

Completely new is a Cookie Manager which allows you to see all accepted cookies and to remove single ones if you want to.
One feature requested and finally added is the option to configure the CoverActions.
There are two Cover Action Group configuration options which allow you either to choose New Tab | Stop/Reload or using Previous Tab | Next Tab as Cover Actions.

  • Fixed OpenDialog wrong links to Android SD Card and SD Card
  • Revamped Tabbar (vertical list instead of horizontal)
  • Added MenuPopup for starting stuff from new Tabbar header (File
  • Manager,Backup Manager, Video Player, Download Manager)
  • Added new "about:" uris for Backup Manager, Video Player & Download Manager
  • Added Pulley Menu for VideoPlayer Page to OpenFiles and Streams
  • Hide Download Manager from Pulley (we don't need duplicates)
  • Allow showing html code for selected text (scroll down to see html button)
  • Added ViewPlaceholder for VideoPlayer if no media is loaded
  • Save backups to the Documents folder by default (new harbour rule)
  • Changed text of BackupPage to indicate changed saving path for backups
  • Fixed Youtube Get Stream URLs (should reliably get 240p,360p & 720p mp4 streams excluding ciphered ones like vevo)
  • Fixed ContextMenuOverlay blocking touch events on ytQualChooser close
  • Added DefaultCoverActionGroup setting
  • Added CookieManager (allows searching and removing of single cookies)

You can find the RPM on
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Massive improvements. Once again: Thank you
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Exactly, worth an explicit 'Thanks!'
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Update: Version 2.9 out now.

This is mostly a bug fixing release.
Major improvements in the translation department. A lot more strings are not translatable/translated.
Most noticable change is the improvement of the DevicePixelRatio Hack which leads to most sides directly loading the mobile version instead of loading the desktop version and switching to the mobile version.
This change might affect some pages in a negative way. Maemo forum here looks a bit broken though is a lot more readable with this new trick.

A nice new feature for people dealing with torrent files is the addition for magnet support. Which basically means if a magnet link is detected webcat simply asks the system to handle this. So you need a torrent client supporting magnet links for this to work.

Another change in the engine departement is the handling of webkit crashes. We all know the qtwebkit version is not the most reliable rendering engine especially on SailfishOS. Therefore I added a detection of a crash (so webcat still running but engine only crashed) which automatically reloads the engine and site. This will work for 3 crashes after that it will not reload again as for a notorious site crashing the engine all the time we want to avoid a loop of crash.

There are some other minor fixes like the InfoBanner showing up in the wrong location when in landscape. This should be fixed now.
The Backup page now handles longer strings (used mostly in the translations) by realigning stuff slightly and you are not able to close all tabs anymore. (close button was hidden but still worked on the last opened tab)

There is a slightly ui tweak for the urlbar which now shows and loads the title of the website above the url bar with a nice animation.

Detailed Changelog
  • Set InfoBanner parent on every call (Fixes InfoBanner showing in wrong position when in landscape)
  • BackupPage Flickables ContentHeight set to column
  • Massive update for translations (more strings are translatable/translated)
  • Ignore magnet links and try to open them externally (you need an application which handles magnet links)
  • Handle webkit crashes by trying to reload the page 3 times (4th time it shows an error message instead)
  • Wrap and realign sectionheaders text on BackupPage
  • Added to devicePixelRatio blacklist (avoid crashes)
  • Better devicePixelRatio Hack by also setting experimental.customLayoutWidth which loads mobile page more often directly instead of desktop page (blacklisting again for this)
  • Fix only allow closing of tabs if close button is visible
  • Show webtitle when page loaded above urltext

You can find the rpm on
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