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Havent things like spotify and catorise been satisfied? Since you can create folders on the device, and there are many spotify clones.

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My list:

"How the eff isn't this already on the tablet?"
1. File manager
2. Warehouse
3. Webpirate
4. openvpn

Things I'd like but aren't something a regular dev can do for me:
1. Google app store
2. Google play services
qgvdial: Google Voice client. All downloads
qgvtp: Phone integration for the n900 that dials out and sends texts using qgvdial.
mosquitto: message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol version 3.
qgvnotify: Google voice and contacts notifier for diablo and maemo.

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Originally Posted by uvatbc View Post
My list:

4. openvpn
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