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I have several smart phones. I switch around on occasion. I am using my N900 right now. I try to use the GPS as I do on my other phones but my N900 GPS tells me where I am now but I can't get it to map out a route to follow someplace. I used the normal prompts and menus but no matter what I do, it just tells me where I currently am. The satellite follows and tells me exactly where I am and show the driving route---but I would like use it as a GPS and not just following me now.
Any suggestions please???
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Try the modRana app. It offers turn-by-turn navigation, voice output, etc. It is the only N900 navigation app that is still being updated, I think. It's a great app, and it's Python, so it's easy to modify if you wish to. It will also mass download map tiles for offline navigation. Highly recommended.

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Thanks Ken. I downloaded it. It looks good. I will give it a go.

It would be great if the MMS app would be that easy to figure out. I haven't gotten it to work yet. I

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I also recommend Modrana. It's a sharp piece of work.
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Isn't that the same as the first one you mentioned????
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Yes. Modrana is the choice of times.

fMMS status is quite unpredictable.
For me it stopped working on receiving MMS, even I can send without problems for different providers.
There are conspiracy theories that Nokia gave out a list of IMEIs to let providers block all N900 MMS functionality. I do not know ...
But worth a forum search (or maybe a new thread, for Neo900?).
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Thanks Peter. I appreciate the help. While we are at it, do you or Ken know of any ebook readers other then the usual ones that most of us know about. I would like one that would read Kindle books but I don't think that is out there for Maemo.

Its a great device, the N900.

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For ModRana offline routing you will find this useful

AFAIK the Kindle file formats are proprietary (.azw and .kf8) but I imagine you can convert them to the open epub version with software like
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There is also Navit which, judging by the traffic on this thread, looks also somewhat active, but at least I have never managed to work out how to use it. In fact, I have just removed it again after yet another failed attempt to give it a chance. In short, Modrana seems to be the only viable option left.

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Well, Sygic MM10 (hacked to work with Android maps) works for me pretty much just fine
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