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Verizon LG VX-9400 Tethering made easy without any software hacking or cables.

First pair your phone up with you N800/N770 device. I will not tell you how to do this because it is straight foward. After you pair it do below.

This will setup your LG phone to allow Bluetooth dun with out paying for service.

From the home screen click on ok > this will bring you into menu then type in "000000" this will allow you into the services page of the phone. All you now need to do is setup NAM mode.


Option 4 "data"
Option 4 "MIP settings"
Option 8 "NAI Setting"
Option 2 "SIP DUN NAI"
and take out the "Your_number" and replace with "Your_Number"

"" to "

click save

Option 4 "Mip DUN NAI"
and take out the "Your_number" and replace with "Your_Number"

Click save

"" to "

click on CLR ont he keypad 4 times then shut the phone off. Reboot and you can now use DUN without paying for data service.

It will use minutes and cost data for using your this way, but if you have vcast server for 10$-15$ a month you get unlimted access for free without using minutes or costing data rate.

BTW is EDVO TOO.......


If anyone needs help i can write instructions on how to setup the whole process from start to finish. N800 setup to pairing bluetooth to LG hacking.

so many people use a cable to do this with 3rd party software.... this is much easier and works great.

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Thanks for the guide, I just got an n800 and I've been trying to tether it to my vx9400. I followed your steps above, but I still cannot connect to the Verizon network. The tablet pairs fine with the phone, but it fails to connect at the connection step. I've put in my username and password correctly I believe. I also want to be able to connect with my vcast package without using minutes. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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You need to have VCAST enable from verizon there is no way aroung things. Once you have that you dont have to pay for the tethering becuase it uses the proxy server of vcast. do you see your phone connecting? then it drops the connect right after?
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I have my n800 (running OS2008 if that makes any difference) successfully paired with my device and my vx9400 is setup as a Verizon phone.

When I go to connect it prompts me for a username and password. I put in my user name as "my 10-digit phone #" and password as vzw. When I hit "connect" it says "Connection failed to phone LG VX9400."

Is there anything extra I need to do on the phone or the n800 to get it to connect? The phone is currently setup per the instructions in your original post. Thanks!

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