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Photography enthusiasts from the Maemo UI Team have posted some freely downloadable Internet Tablet wallpapers as their holiday gifts to the users. Check them out: Set 1 Set 2
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These are really cool.

Thanks for pointing them out to us.

Makes me want to share some of my photos too . . .

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There're also some really nice ones in this bundle of PSP ones. Smaller resolution than the NITs' screens, but set to "Stretched" mode they look good. I especially like Dewdrop:

Looking through there are also lots there, like this set:

Finally, someone did an 800x480 version of the iPhone's wallpaper:

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Originally Posted by RogerS View Post
These are really cool.

Thanks for pointing them out to us.

Makes me want to share some of my photos too . . .

Oh please do share!! I'm a wallpaper junkie Unfortunately all of the wallpapers that I've made for use on my palm TX are too low a resolution to use on my N810. So I need more please!!
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Is it possible to create an app (or is there already one out there for the NIT) that would possibly change your wallpapers from a given folder, daily or hourly etc. ?
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Some great wallpapers there. Good find Reggie.
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I've posted 8 more free wallpaper images for anyone who wants them:

Merry Christmas!


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Thanks, Tim, love the snow covered trees, using it now

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