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Hey All,

I'm having a little trouble with my SIP phone on the N800, OS2008. While I can place SIP calls without problem through my work's server, I cannot get the N800 to receive calls. When I call the number which should go to my N800, nothing happens.

My presence is On, but the call never makes it to the phone. I've tried most of the setting there and was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. Also, I've got the call app set to "Accept all Calls."

I'm really confused as to why this isn't working.

Thanks for any help!
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I'm guessing there's a firewall issue involved. Make sure the appropriate ports are opened.
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That was my initial thought, but the softphone on my computer works without issues. I don't think it's a local network issue. Is there any settings on the N800 that I should check?
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I have the same problem.

I can use PC soft phone and the SIP Phone on my e61i no problem (on the same network). The troubles are exclusive to N800 and OS2008.
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Are you guy registering with the SIP server via the same account as the PCs, or with a new account set up for your tablet? Is there any way you can check on theSIP server to make sure the registration looks propper when connected? (like 'sip show peers' for Asterisk)

FWIW Inbound works fine for me with the couple Asterisk servers I use. (n800 os2008)
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The N800 is configured the exact same way as the soft phone on my computer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the PBX, so I can't check out the logs. After everyone gets back from Christmas I'll try to give it a try.

In the meantime, does anyone have an Asterisk server I can try to test incoming calls on?

Are there any bugs out there in Maemo for this sort of thing?
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I also had lots of problems with my SIP phone on N800.
First I could not make any outgoing calls. The solution for this problem is already described in this forum (thanks for that!).
Now I have a problem receiving calls on my SIP number.
Generally I think this SIP feature is still not mature on N800. Here is what I found:
1) The other applications like Skype and Gizmo obviously affect SIP functionality
2) If you have Skype installed on your N800 then do the following:
a. Stop Skype
b. Disconnect SIP connection (green button in status area)
c. Start Skype and connect to the server
d. Connect again SIP connection (Red-white button in status area)
e. Now you should be able to receive calls on you SIP number
f. Unfortunately it works only for a while. After some time it seems that the server lose the client again
3) If you have Gizmo installed, then it is even more complicated
a. Then you should disconnect SIP connection first (green button in status area)
b. Start Gizmo and connect to the server
c. Disconnect Gizmo from the server
d. Connect again SIP connection (Red-white button in status area)
e. Now you should be able to receive calls on your SIP number

I would appreciate if you can make your comments here if the SIP behavior is the same on your N800. May be we can find solution how to bring it work permanently.

Are there any possibilities to report bugs directly to Nokia?

Anyway I think Nokia did quite a good job offering great communication features for N800. May be the next OS 2008 update will fix this problems.

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Unfortunately, I don't have Skype or Gizmo installed. I still can't receive calls.

What else can I check?
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Has anyone else made any progress on this issue? I think I've tried just about everything. I have verified that my SIP server is working as it should. I was even able to connect/place/receive a call using this flash based SIP client:

Any thoughts?
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Check this Flashphoner
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