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If anyone is interested, a new build of the open source Macintosh 680x0 emulator called Basilisk II is available.

Update: See this post by t3h for updated Basilisk II port which includes full screen and a mouse fix!

Update: Also see the Basilisk II on your Nokia Internet Tablet website for a (work-in-progress) tutorial on setting up and running Basilisk II.

You can run up to Mac OS 8.1 on it and almost any software title (including games) available for the platform. It has sound (even text to speech works) and the screen dimensions can be made any size.

It's not hildonized as I just did a simple build using Scratchbox. This build is at least 2 times faster than an earlier build mentioned elsewhere on this forum.

You do need a 512K or 1MB ROM image file from a 680x0 Mac, a Mac operating system (Apple provides Mac OS 7.5.x for free*) and need to edit the .basilisk_ii_prefs file to match your paths of ROM and hard drive files. xkbd is also needed if you don't have a N810 or bluetooth keyboard.

The Mac OS is installed on a hard drive file which can be created using one of the other (Win/Lin/Mac) ports of Basilisk II. I created a web page long ago that might be of assistance:

There are a number of sites where you can get assistance setting up Basilisk II. I recommend getting familiar with the Windows, Linux, or Mac OS ports of Basilisk II before attempting to set things up on your Internet Tablet.

Do not ask me for ROM images, Mac operating systems, or Mac software! I will ignore you.

I'm running Mac OS 7.6.1 here using a ROM file from my Quadra 610. These are the programs I currently have installed:

Microsoft Word


A "few" extensions at startup:

Mathematica 3.0 launching on Mac OS 8.1 with Addison's custom xkbd layout.

*System 7.5.3 install files:


System 7.5.5 update:


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Now you see, this is interesting. running the classic mac environment on an IT is an interesting proposition. How much space did this take up on your card? By chance does full screen work?
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All you need is enough space for the operating system and any applications you want installed. Typically this will be anywhere between 20 MB to 50MB depending on which Mac OS and which components of the OS you wish installed.

You could boot up from a 1.4 MB floppy image up to a 2000 MB hard drive file image. And ... you can mount multiple hard drive files so 64 GB (~32 2GB hard drive files) of Mac stuff on two 32 SDHC cards is possible (on a N800, if you're crazy).

The full screen doesn't work. I'm not a developer, just a script kiddie. Instead of using the latest CVS source of "Basilisk II JIT", I used an older source tarball of "Basilisk II" before the JIT engine was added. the Maemo platform didn't allow enabling JIT for the three Mac emulators (Basilisk II JIT, SheepShaver, PearPC) that I attempted building using the latest CVS source for each of them. Basilisk II runs faster than Basilisk II JIT with the JIT disabled, which is why earlier Maemo builds by others here were pretty slow.

I would LOVE to have a real developer take over this and add full screen and\or hildonization.
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Originally Posted by OSEmuTech View Post
If anyone is interested, a new build of the open source Macintosh 680x0 emulator called Basilisk II is available.
Ah, I'm so glad I saved that OS 8.1 disk from the trash all those years ago. This will be fun. Thank you.
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Thanks man. If I could run this full screen I'd download it and use it instead of the built in OS stuff ( except maemomapper of course).
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Seems fun, I'd like to try. I have never used a mac!
And, a-ehm, are there on the internet any dirty and immoral places where pushers pass you a copy of a mac rom without you owning the real thing? (My questions is only to know what I have *not* to visit with my browser in order to go straight to heavens after my departure). Maybe torrents?
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do not go to thepiratebay
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Ironically, this is yet another thing you can't do on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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*cough, cough*

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Originally Posted by dont View Post
*cough, cough*
That's not good, it's a 256 k image, while a 512 to 1 meg rom image is needed. I am actively searching but the internet is becoming too much a morigerate place in these days

EDIT: I knew that there had to be one. Google for

EDIT 2: GOSH! It's quick! I like it! Now I understand those mac fanboys...
Ernesto de Bernardis

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