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Early adopters, what say you? Worth updating? Any problems?
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The only thing it does is fix the power-on issue. So if you don't have that issue then there's no point in updating.
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They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...
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I just installed 51-3 last night, and my internal Transcend 16GB SDHC would not longer be recognized this morning. The only thing I have done since was to set up my voipbuster account.

Installed apps include vagalume, canola, mauku, greasemonkey, camera, and GPS City Guide.

When I connect my N800 to my notebook, Windows 'sees' two removable drives. Clicking on the external card shows the data on that card, while clicking on the internal card throws an error asking me to insert a card into the drive.

I've also had no luck getting my notebook's built-in multi-format card reader to see the dead SDHC either

I am not sure if 51-3 reintroduces the SDHC corruption bug, but this is what just happened to me 2 hours ago and I'm at my wits end trying to recover the card.
N800 running OS2008 with 2 x 16GB SDHC connected over WiFi or via BT to Nokia E51's HSDPA/3G network
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Well, this is ridiculous but the bug with frustrating touchscreen is «almost» gone. Now it's pretty rare. I dunno what Nokia have done but it works =)
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Originally Posted by wazd View Post
Well, this is ridiculous but the bug with frustrating touchscreen is «almost» gone. Now it's pretty rare. I dunno what Nokia have done but it works =)
anyone confirm this?

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Originally Posted by flareup View Post
anyone confirm this?
Incredibly unlikely, as the only change according to the announcement is the timing fix for the race issue.
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Does anyone know if rfcomm or the other bluez command line tools are available - I report it as a bug (something required X.20 but the kernel bluez was X.22 on the December release)?
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There is another very confusing announcement on today :

On the one hand it is about the Maemo SDK : "Nokia has released the maemo 4.0.1 SDK in order to match the content with the OS2008 image released earlier this week." (which itself was not annouced there BTW).

On the other hand it is about the new firmware images : "About the new OS2008 image (OS 2008 version 2.2007.51-3 for Nokia N800 and OS 2008 version 2.2007.51-3 for N810): There have been problems in oscillator initialization timings in some devices causing problems in booting up the devices. This release fixes the problem and there should not be booting problems any more. The content of the image is just the same as the previous release".

On the gripping hand, if you click on the "content comparison table" between the Maemo 4.0 and 4.0.1 SDKs :'ll find there are *a lot* of updated packages, and even some new ones.

There probably is a logical explanation for this, but it does escape me ATM.

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It fixed a bug with my Apple bluetooth keyboard. It had problems reconnecting before. Now its works seamlessly.
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most packages seems to only have a minor version bump, bugfixes anyone?

it could be related to the timing bug, but i dont know enough about it to say...

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